Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies

Protecting our Planet, our People, and our Property

The Republic Group believes that leading environmental, health, and safety performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, shareholders, and employees, as well as the environment. The safety of our workforce and the protection of our environment are of primary importance to The Republic Group. To protect our employees, the environment, and our property, we are committed to: providing a safe and healthy working environment as a prerequisite to our operations; continuous improvement in minimizing our environmental impacts, preventing pollution, and limiting depletion of natural resources; and the on-going reduction of risks at our operating sites.

The Republic Group will comply with applicable environmental, health, and safety laws, directives, regulations, and other requirements as a baseline for doing business, not as a goal. We believe compliance is owned by all employees and will monitor such compliance through regular self-assessments and audits of our operations, take corrective actions as warranted, and include compliance sustainability as a routine part of operations.

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